Property is a girl's best friend

What’s your major, Girls?

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce is an independent, nonprofit research and policy institute affiliated with the Georgetown McCourt School of Public Policy that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands. Explore this site to learn more about the relationship between college major and salary. The 2015 report “The Economic Value of College Majors” is written by Anthony Carnevale, Ban Cheah, and Andrew Hanson. The report uses census data to analyze wages for 137 majors. The top-paying college majors earn 3.4 million more than lowest paying majors over a lifetime. Want to own property, Girls? Consider your major.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), health, and business majors are the highest paying, leading to average annual wages of $37,000 or more at the entry level and an average of $65,000 or more annually over the course of a recipient’s career.

The 10 majors with the lowest median earnings are: early childhood education ($39,000); human services and community organization ($41,000); studio arts, social work, teacher education, and visual and performing arts ($42,000); theology and religious vocations, and elementary education ($43,000); drama and theater arts and family and community service ($45,000). (