Property is a girl's best friend

A survey asked 1,000 women about…

Women have very clear financial goals—ones that may be different from their male counterparts’. Sixty-six percent say their goal is to save for retirement. At the same time, 59% say they want to have enough money to travel. Forty-percent say they want to be able to pay off debt. (

These start ups make finding an NYC apartment….

Princeton buddies Michael Rudoy and Luke Cohler, both 32, launched Jetty in 2015 after facing difficulties meeting rental requirements in New York.Rudoy and Cohler identified three tough roadblocks: first, an expensive security deposit; second, a high salary or credit score; and third, proof of renters insurance. Jetty offers a separate

What’s your major, Girls?

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce is an independent, nonprofit research and policy institute affiliated with the Georgetown McCourt School of Public Policy that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands. Explore this site to learn more about the relationship between college major and

Busy block near Grand Central Terminal will transform

The first tangible outcomes of the Midtown East rezoning are beginning to take shape; the body overseeing the development of Midtown East post-rezoning, voted to approve a new public plaza at Pershing Square East between East 41st and 42nd Streets. (

1848: Married Women Win Property Rights

Before 1848, a few laws were passed in some states in the U.S. giving women some limited property rights, but the 1848 law was more comprehensive. It was amended to include even more rights in 1860; later, married women’s rights to control property were extended still more. The first section

I Am A Recruiter And Here Are My Negotiating Tips For Women

Jennifer Schwab, Founder of ENTITY Academy, a six-week long mentorship program for young women entering the workforce, coaches women to negotiate their first job offer. “Ask for the compensation you desire – it can be a mix of salary, bonuses, equity, profit-sharing options or expense accounts. Studies show that 62%

Three Ways Women Can Negotiate in…

Jennifer Sconyers is President of Abundance Leadership Consulting and creator of Culture Shift, a program that helps organizations create diverse, inclusive and high performing teams. Sconyers worked in a few industries before founding her own leadership practice. One of those industries was politics, which meant seasonal work and rarely guaranteed

Brain rewards women for being nicer, men for being selfish

Women’s striatum, the brain’s reward center, activate when women act generously. When men act selfishly their striatum flickers with action. This means men and women receive an internal reward for behaving a certain way (

How to raise girls to be better at negotiating

Today girls are offered a number of opportunities to practice their negotiation skills. Encourage them to participate in school fundraisers or other programs where they need to ask for something  (

Why don’t more women negotiate?

The act of professional negotiation has a completely different definition for men than for women. For women, negotiation is seen as an improper act of appearing “greedy” or desperate. It is frowned upon by women, who are often intimidated by the act of asking for their worth in business and